Motor Vehicle Registration and Taxation

There is a levy on annual registration tax on every passenger automobile, farm truck, commercial vehicle, motocycle, and recreational vehicle. The tax rate imposed varies for the type of motor vechicle being registered. The charge for vehicle registration is determined by the year and factory delivered price. There will be an excise tax of one percent (1%) on the factory delivered price (FDP) of all new vehicles. Previously owned vehicles are considered used and the excise tax is not charged on used vehicles.
To register a vehicle the tribal member will need to bring their current Oklahoma driver's license, CDIB, original title, insurance verification and any lien documents.The original title's previous owners or the seller's signature should be signed in front of a notary public, in most instances. In most cases the tag is designed to remain on the vehicle until the Comanche Nation Tax Commission authorizes a replacement and is renewed each year by means of a registration decal. If the vehicle is not being used for an extended time or is sold, the tag should be brought to the Tax Commission Office to be inactivated. The tag is tribal property.
Veteran's tags are available for enrolled Comanche Veterans. The annual registration tax levied is according to the factory delivered price of the vehicle, and year of registration at a rate equal to one-half of the amount of the tax imposed. The enrolled Comanche Veteran must bring their DD214 when they are applying for a veterans tag. Further information can be obtained by calling the Tax Commission office.
Personalized, Comanche Nation Princess, farm, motorcycle, recreational vehicles and commericials tags are authorized.
Decals are valid for a one (1) year period and must be renewed each year. The Comanche Nation Tax Commission allows a twenty (20) day grace period for renewal. When renewing your registration, please bring in a current insurance verification form and your registration, title, and CDIB.

Eligibility Requirements

You, as the owner, are eligilbe under Tribal Law if:

  1. Your vehicle is principally garaged in the eight counties of the Comanche Nation jurisdiction.
  2. Your vehicle is principally garaged on an Indian allotment.
  3. Your vehicle is principally garaged in a Dependent Indian Community, such as Indian Housing.
To Apply:

You, as the owner, are eligilbe under Tribal Law if:

  1. The Comanche Nation member whose name appears on the original title shall provide a Certification of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card or letter of Certification of Degree of Indian Blood from the Comanche Nation Enrollment Office.
  2. Surrender a verification of security form or equivalent (proof of liability coverage).
  3. Surrender your current vehicle title, or certificate of orgin. If there is a lien on the current vehicle title,the lien will be transferred to the Comanche Nation title. If the lien has been released, then a lien release form must be provided.
  4. Surrender your current vehicle registration or provide the renewal card from the state. This only applies to vehicles with current state or other tirbal tags, not vehicles, which were recently purchased.
To register a vehicle, you must bring the following:
  1. Comanche Tribal member must be present to register the vehicle the 1st time.
  2. The title must have the Comanche member’s name on it; the signature of the seller MUST be notarized. If the title is not notarized the vehicle will not be registered.
  3. Current Insurance and Drivers License.
  4. Tribal Enrollment Card.
  5. Verification that you live within one of these counties: Comanche, Kiowa, Cotton, Caddo, Tillman, Jefferson, Stephens, and Grady
  6. Any liens or lien releases on the vehicle.
To renew your registration, you need to bring in the following:
  1. Last year registration or tag number.
  2. Current Insurance.
  3. Expiration Date. Tribal member has twenty days to renew tag. On the twenty first day of expiration date there will be a twenty-five cent penalty a day until the vehicle is renewed.
  4. Penalties will be waivered only if the vehicle has major work done on it. Itemized list of repairs must be from a professional auto mechanic.
NOTE: Tribal title must be kept in a safe place and not in the vehicle. Registration and current insurance must be kept in the vehicle at all times.
Selling your vehicle back to the State:
  1. The Comanche's gives to the non-tribal member the Comanche Nation title, registration, lien release (If there is a lien entered) and a certified copy of their CDIB card.
  2. The Comanche tribal member shall sign the back of the Comanche Nation title which must be notarized.
  3. The non-tribal member shall take the title, registration, and certified copy of the tribal member's CDIB card to a state motor vehicle tag agency to register for a state tag.
  4. Neither the tribal member nor the non-tribal member shall be responsible for any back state taxes.
  5. The Comanche tribal member will take the Comanche Nation tag off the vehicle and return it to the Comanche Nation Tax Commission office to be inactivated in the computer system. If your tag is not inactivated in our computer system, you will still be listed as the owner of the vehicle.

Phone Numbers

  • Toll Free: 877.492.4988
  • Local: 580.595.3315 or 3312
  • Fax: 580.595.3318

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